The Schüco Sliding System ASS 39 SC lightweight, thermally insulated sliding construction with narrow face widths and proportionately narrow frames to large areas offers outstanding thermal insulation properties for southern countries. It has an impressively wide insulation zone and flexible glazing options up to a total thickness of 28 mm.

Features and benefits

- Proportionately less frame and more glass.

- Glazing without glazing beadsusing continuous vent profile.

- Vent weights up to 160 kg.

- Vent profi le without hollow chamber, with enhanced insulation zone for improved thermal insulation.

- Vent sizes of up to 1.50 m x 2.30 m(depending on the design).

- Modular centre profile for increased wind loads.

- Compatible with the Schüco Window AWS 50 series as a toplight or side section.

- Glass thicknesses up to 28 mm.

- Wide range of designs based on single, double and triple track outer frames.

- Burglar resistance up to WK2.

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