The composite window system for intelligent project solutions provides thermal insulation using innovative insulating bars with a Uf value of 1.6W/m2 K. Excellent noise reduction is achieved by means of the double centre gasket and a 2-pane principle.

The composite window construction with maximum thermal insulation and noise reduction:

- Four drainage levels due to double centre gasket.

- Hollow chamber insulating bar in outer frame with diagonal reinforcement for optimizing dimensional accuracy and improving stability.

- Option: with SG front vent.

- Glazing beads in blind-vent-look.

- Solutions for glazing bars, face width 50 mm.

- Opening types: turn/tilt, side-hung, bottom-hung, tilt-before-turn, double-vent.

- Max. vent weight 160 kg.

- Burglar resistance up to WK3 is possible

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